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/Manufacturing Overview

The state-of-the-art facility is supported by a highly skilled workforce, and includes a press shop and die park, assembly hall, robotic hemming and welding cells, 3D laser trimming.

Capabilities include:


  • 1 off 680 Tonne Press
  • 1 off 500 Tonne Press
  • 1 off 400 Tonne Press
  • 1 off 320 Tonne Press
  • 1 off 300 Tonne Press
  • 1 off 125 Tonne Press
  • 2 off 400 Mechanical Press
  • 1 off 185 Mechanical Press

Lasing Trimming

  • 1 off Prima 2 Axis 4.0 x 2.0 table
  • 3 off Prima Optimo with 4.5 x 2.5 table
  • 1 off Prima Rapido with 3.5 x 2.0 table


  • Robot Hemming (Phase 2)
  • Flexible Assembly and Joining Cells

Our full quality processes are applied across the Business Units.


  • 2 off MTE BF-2700 with 2.7m x 1.5m x 1.5m table

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Premier Sheet Metal Product Engineering Group

/Premier Projects

#01 / JCB Compact Tractors - Mesh Grill

The Product Engineering division has designed, engineered and developed a one piece mesh grill for JCB Compact Tractors, with the objective of reducing production costs, improving its strength and improving the cosmetic design. With our fully integrated ‘design for manufacture’ service, JCB received a comprehensive package of Detailing, Validation (via simulation), Part Feasibility and Prototype Testing.

Prototype Hand worked parts were developed together with soft tooling to ensure a cosmetically approved quality standard was achieved, considering the formability constraints of the material used “perforated mesh”.

Our efficient and structured approach played a vital role in the success of this project for JCB. The result was an improved one-piece design with new styling features adding strength and stability, but a reduced unit cost and a reduction in unit weight.

/Premier Projects

#02 / Morgan Motor Car Company - Morgan 3 Wheeler

Producing the bodyshell for the legendary Morgan 3 Wheeler requires precision and vision! The iconic design has been updated with 21st Century technology and we have been assisting the re-engineering & design of the car bodyshell, and the subsequent niche vehicle production processes.

Taking inspiration from the original car but with modern technological influences, the initial plan was to build 400 Morgan 3 Wheelers, but due to it’s incredible global success, we have now produced over 1,000. We have worked with Morgan throughout the initial design stage of the 3 Wheeler to ensure all body panels are manufactured to the highest standards expected by Morgan’s loyal customer-base.

The relationship not only continues with Morgan, but has flourished. We now also manufacture the bespoke coach built bonnets and boots for Morgans other iconic production vehicles.


/Premier Projects

#03 / National Rail Network - Signalling Systems

The smooth operation of any rail network’s signalling system is essential to ensure that trains run safely and on time. The National Rail Network is continually challenged by the frequent failure of signalling systems due to overheating – in particular, the electronic signalling boxes.

Our challenge was to engineer and manufacture a stainless steel louvered system, which contained an integrated industrial freezer block. At specific varying external temperatures – as heat impacts on the internal box temperature (depending on the location) the freezer blocks freeze and cool the signal box – stabilising the rail signalling system.

Network locations are now more stable, where the system is installed. As further louvered systems are installed, signalling failures for overheating will reduce dramatically.

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How does PGM ensure that your concept is feasible?

Using state of the art predictive tools such as Autoform for sheet metal press feasibility we can redesign or advise any component geometry changes required to ensure the part is feasible.

We can evaluate multiple parts in an assembly to ensure that the assy as designed is feasible, and appropriate processes are available to produce the assy delivering the quality / tolerancing required.

What are the cost implications?

Advanced engineering feasibility is mainly cost avoidance and saves you money in the long run.
The cost of using technology is much lower than the cost of moving into the manufacturing phase without any assurance that the design is feasible.

How does PGM validate the concept prior to development?

In any design and manufacturing process, there are tolerances, the key to achieving a successful outcome is validating the design principles applied to the component are achievable. All too often designs and budgets do not align with the required engineering released. We ensure the design and processes are aligned with the budget!

We use digital mockup and 3D visualisation to review the designs as though they are physical objects allowing engineers to see the products designed in a magnified virtual world allowing detailed review exposing potential area’s of concern

What industry sectors does PGM specialise in?

Premier specialise in the field of forming and joining metal and mixed material assemblies.

Joining technology. TIG, MIG, Gas, spot and laser welding, Self-piercing rivets, and adhesive applications (hot and cold) and in-press nutting.

We specialise in Automotive, Niche vehicle, Rail, Aerospace, Off Road, Agricultural, industrial and architectural sectors

Where will the prototype and production take place?

The production will take place in our bespoke facilities that have been designed to meet all the needs of the markets we serve

What quality controls does PGM have in place?


What support will PGM offer throughout the process?

We will dedicate a project team with the profile that supports your needs and deliver the controls and report structure to ensure the project is delivered and any issues that arise are managed and resolved in a timely manner.